SMS messages can only be tested before they have been sent in a Campaign Send.

To send a test of your SMS message, follow the steps below:


  1. On the Messages link at the top of the Engage screen, click the SMS tab.
    Result: The SMS Messages list displays.
  2. Click the name of the SMS message you want to open to test send, or click the Edit button on the right side of the screen in the row of the selected SMS message.
    Result: The SMS message will open.

    NOTE: If the SMS has already been sent, you will see a message stating that the file cannot be edited. Once sent, SMS messages cannot be tested from this screen.

  3. In the toolbar in the top right, click the Test Send button.
    Result: The Test Send dialog box will appear.
  4. In the SMS Number field, enter the cellphone number you want to send to.
  5. Click Send Test. You will soon see a dialog box stating that your SMS test send was successful.