To add new SMS messages, follow the steps below:


  1. On the Messages link at the top of the Engage screen, click the SMS tab.

    Result: The SMS messages list displays.

  2. Click the New SMS button.

    Result: The SMS Message page displays fields for you to enter information about your new message.
  3. In the SMS Name field, enter the name that you would like to assign to your new SMS message.
  4. In the SMS Message field, enter in the text for your SMS message.
  5. In the Select Footer area, click on the footer text that you would like to add to your message. Default footers are part of your account setup. The selected footer text displays in the message box.

    Note: A character count is provided below the message to assist you with keeping your message within the 160 character limit. The characters in the footer count toward your 160 character limit, so you may need to modify your message after the footer is selected. To learn what happens to a SMS over 160 characters, click here.

  6. To save the information you entered, click Save or Save & Exit. You cannot save unless the message is 160 characters total or less.

    Note: To exit without saving the information entered, click Cancel.
  7. After saving, you can choose to send a test send of your SMS using the Test Send button.