To manage fax messages, click on the Messages link at the top of the Engage window, then on the Fax tab.

From here you can add, download, copy, delete, modify, and test fax content.




The Fax Messages window has no preview thumbnails like the Email tab. It displays the names of uploaded Fax files, along with modified dates, and available actions, in a simple table. You can choose to sort by Content Name or Date Modified, in ascending or descending order. You can also add new Fax messages.

You can search for faxes by fax message name using the search box to the right of the grey menu bar.

Hovering over a fax message in the shows several options as icons on the right hand side of the selected row: Edit, Copy, and Delete.  You can also click the Fax message name to open the Edit screen.

  • Edit will open the fax message for modification. Note: If the fax has already been sent on a Campaign Send, it cannot be edited and saved, but you can still click Edit to view the file info or download the file that makes up the fax message. For more information, read this article.

  • Copy allows you to create a copy of an existing fax message for subsequent editing and resaving. By default, the copy is named "Copy Of [parent message name]". For more information, read this article.
  • Delete allows you to delete the fax message, but requires you to verify your selection first. For more information, read this article.