Any email message that has not yet been included on a Campaign Send can be modified/edited. Once sent out, an email record can be reused, but not modified. If you need a slightly different version of an email that has already been sent, you must duplicate it and modify the copy.

To modify email message, follow the steps below:


  1. On the Messages page, click the Email tab, if not already displayed.

    Result: The Email tab displays.
  2. Hover over the thumbnail of the message you want to modify and click the Edit button - either the large Edit button or the small Edit icon.
    Result: The individual email message page displays.
  3. If the email has not been sent on a Campaign Send, you can now modify the message name or message content.

    If the email has already been sent out, a warning will display notifying you that the email cannot be edited.

  4. If allowed, modify the Email.
  5. To save the changes you have made, click Save or Save & Exit.

    Note: To exit without saving the changes made, click Cancel.