This page details the steps of how to add SMS cellphone text messages to your send.


  1. From within the Send Wizard, if SMS is selected as an available channel on your send, you'll see an area where you can select a SMS message. You'll also see the pre-set telephone number that SMS messages on your account will be sent from (blurred out in the example below).
  2. Click the Add Content icon in the SMS Content area.

Result: A listing of available SMS messages are displayed by name. You can page through multiple pages of results if they exist, sort by name or date created, or can search by name in the filter above the list.


  1. Select the SMS message that you want to by clicking its name.

    Result: You are returned to the Send Wizard, with the selected SMS message added to the SMS area of the Send.

    Note: If you wish to remove the message and replace it with something else, select the Remove option next to the Content name. You can then select another SMS.

  2. You can send a Test Send of the SMS message to a cellphone number using the Test Send button on the right side of the SMS Content area.
    Press this button and a Test Send dialogue box will display.
    In the Test Send dialogue box, enter a cellphone number with area code and press Send Test. If you want to cancel the test message without sending, press Cancel.
  3. If you have completed testing, or if no testing is required, check the "Mark testing as completed, or skip testing entirely" checkbox and click Next to continue with the Send wizard. You will proceed to the Summary screen where you can verify the send setup before sending your email/fax/SMS to subscribers.


    If you are not ready to send your Campaign Send to subscribers, you can click Save & Exit to proceed at a later time.