After a campaign is created, it displays in the Campaigns list. For each Campaign displayed in the list, you can see the Campaign name, the date a send was last sent from the Campaign, and the Channels (email, SMS, and Fax) on the Campaign.

From here, you can manage overall campaign details or drill down into the Campaign's send list. Hovering over a Campaign row in the list displays three icons on the right hand side - Edit, Copy, and Delete.

Editing opens up a screen where you can edit the Name, Channels, and Subscriptions on the campaign. You can't change the Campaign Type once a campaign has been created, however.

Copying a Campaign creates a copy with (2) appended after the name of the parent campaign.

The Delete function requires you to confirm your choice before the campaign is deleted. Deletions cannot be undone!

Campaign Sends List

To see the list of Sends from a Standard Campaign (if any have sends been created), click the Campaign Name in the Standard Campaigns list. The list of campaign sends under the selected campaign will display. Sends can be in the following statuses: Draft, Sent, Scheduled, Queued, In Process, or Failed.

From this screen, you can create new Sends with the Add Send button, drill down into the Send Wizard for Sends still in Draft status, or drill down into the reporting for any sends in Sent status.

To see the reporting for a Campaign aggregated for all the sends in a campaign, go to the Reporting page.