This page details the steps of how to add email message content to a Standard Campaign Send.


  1. If you have more than one Channel selected on the Campaign, you can uncheck Channels on the Content page to skip sending to them on the Send.

  2. For the email channel, click Add Content  in the Email Content area.
    Result: The Select Message screen appears, one or more pages of email content to select from.

  3. Select the email content that you would like to use in your send from the list of options by hovering over the email entry and choosing Select.

    Result: When the content is successfully added, the Content record name appears in the Content entry area, above the Subject line.
    Note: If you wish to remove the content and replace it with something else, select the Remove option next to the Content name. You can then select new content.

  4. After choosing Content and a Subject Line, you must select a Sender Profile for the email. Click the Sender Profile dropdown and select an already created Sender Profile to set the from/reply to name and address and Mail Stream for your email. A Sender Profile is required to send your email.
  5. If email was the only channel being used in your campaign, you can proceed to Dynamic Preview and Testing or click Save & Exit to proceed at a later time.


    If your campaign also includes Fax or SMS content, sections below Email on the Content page allow for adding SMS or Fax messages.


    If no testing is required, or you have completed testing, check the "Mark testing as completed, or skip testing entirely" checkbox and click Next to continue with the Send wizard. You will proceed to the Summary screen where you can verify the send setup before sending your email/fax/SMS to subscribers.