If you send to a group of people at one company (including your own utility), and they aren't getting the emails, it's probably due to an email firewall or corporate spam filtering. Email firewalls and corporate spam filters don't like it when multiple people at one company get the same email at the same time. They often view this as suspicious spam behavior and it can cause messages to be blocked. Questline sees this often when sending newsletters or other campaigns to many internal utility employees.

To ensure delivery of your emails to internal employees or a large customer with multiple recipients, ask the relevant IT group to whitelist Engage emails using the instructions below. This will provide them the necessary information needed to make sure future emails reach the inbox.


To accept mail from Engage, please whitelist the following:

From Engage Marketing Email domain: @email.engagemsg.com
Sending IPs:

From Engage Transactional Email domain: @info.energyemails.com
Sending IP:

NOTE: If you have private sender reputation set up with Questline, these IPs and domains will differ.

It is recommended to utilize the from domain whenever possible for whitelisting. Utilizing the domain, as opposed to individual IP addresses, ensures that whitelisting rules will still be applied even if infrastructure needs necessitate changes or additions to IP addresses in use by the system.