Engage is a highly flexible and customizable campaign management application. In order to use all of the functionality that Engage provides, you must understand the connection between subscribers, messages, campaigns and reporting.

On top of this, Engage can provide customized web pages through our Sites product and Questline-created energy industry article content through our Content product.

In this article, though, we're focusing on the messaging and communications functions of Engage.

Essential Elements of Engage

Basically, Engage is made up of elements that represent the following:

Who am I talking to?

Defining the proper audience for a message is key to shaping that message.

See the Lists and Segmentation sections in Engage to learn how to use subscriber lists and then to segment those lists to pinpoint who you are communicating with.


What do I want to say?

Once you know who you are talking to, you can focus in on how they will relate to your message and how best to say it.

See the Messages section to learn how to create messages and templates and the Create a Send section to understand how messages relate to your overall campaign.


How should I reach them?

So, you know who you want to get a message to and what the message is. Now, you need to evaluate how best to reach them: Email, SMS, Fax or any combination of these.

See the Campaigns articles for more information.


How did I do?

You’ve created and sent your message to just the individuals you wanted. Now, what can you learn from their interaction with your message to make your next send even more impactful?

See Reporting for more information.