The Messages area is where you create, build and modify the messages that you are associating with a Campaign Send. In the Campaigns section, when creating a Campaign Send, you select messages for the send you created by selecting it from a list of existing options. In this section, you will learn how to create the messages that will be used in your sends.

To create, modify, or delete messages for emails, text messages, or faxes, click on the Messages link at the top of the Engage window, then select the tab for the type of messages you want to work with. From here you can add, preview, copy, delete, modify, and test message records for emails, SMS messages, and faxes, as well as Email Templates.

If your account is not set up to include SMS or Fax functionality, you won't see tabs for SMS or Fax tabs. But accounts with Email functionality will also have an additional tab for Templates - premade emails that you can modify to create new Email message records.


Specific information about each Message type is available from the following articles:

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