The Campaigns page is where all of the parts of your message come together. Message content, subscribers, and segmentation are created and managed under different pages within Engage and are assembled into Campaign Sends on the Campaigns page.

Concept and Use

A campaign is the umbrella under which you group messages that are similar in intent or messaging. For example, you could be rolling out a new refrigerator recycling program to small businesses. You may have your subscriber segment identified as small business owners, but you may want to send them several messages announcing and then promoting the recycling program via fax and email. The Campaign page enables you to bring all of the elements together to manage this program’s communications.  A campaign can also be one message over one channel to a defined audience (segment). You have the ability to define simple and more complex campaigns via the Campaigns page. Additionally, reporting for all message sends under a campaign will be displayed together. The same subscriber list can be used for all send types (Email, SMS, Fax), or you can define how to segment that list based on send type.

From the Campaigns page, you can view and access current campaigns as well as create new campaigns.