This page details the syntax of dynamic scripting variables for SMS (text message) content in Engage. All standard and dynamic values usable in emails work in SMS messages. However, dynamic variable use in SMS messages is not officially supported at this time. Additionally, dynamic blocks do not work in SMS.

A list of available standard dynamic variables for email is located at Email: Standard Dynamic Scripting Variables.

An introduction to custom dynamic variables for email is located at Email: Custom Dynamic Scripting Variables.

The following dynamic values have been verified to work in SMS:







However, all dynamic variables used in emails should theoretically work with SMS. As SMS dynamic scripting is not fully supported, complete testing of all variables has not occurred.



There are no case requirements for the key/variables themselves. For purposes of these guides, all variables are in lowercase. Values returned, however, are in the case stored in the database.

SMS messages are created in Engage by entering plain text into a text entry field. Simply enter the dynamic variables as shown above in the body of the SMS. Note that the SMS content text entry field is capped at 255 characters. The returned value for a dynamic variable may be more or less than the length of the dynamic variable itself, shortening or lengthening the actual text results from the length entered in the text entry field.  If the length of the message after processing of the dynamic variables exceeds 255, the message will be truncated.

These limitations are a major reason that SMS Dynamic Scripting is not supported by Questline at this time.