Content is listed in the menu bar alongside other Engage functions such as Campaigns and Sites. Once you select Content from the menu, you will see the content area of Engage, where you can browse, filter, and find content.

This page allows users to browse through the available assets and collections, as well as searching for specific articles based on keywords or article types.


Searching and Search Results

If you're looking for assets or collections on a specific topic, you can start by either browsing, searching or checking the main content page. If you're looking for something specific, just enter a keyword or phrase in the Search field and hit Enter on your keyboard. Once your search results are returned, you can filter your results by clicking on "Filter Results."

The system will search for whatever terms you enter here across all articles available, and will look for your search terms in the body of each article, as well as the titles and summaries.

Note: You may notice search results there that don't have images above the titles, just an icon representing where a picture might go. That's because those articles are just plain text, and don't have any images to use as a thumbnail. 

Your search results can be a few results, or a lot, depending on the topic and your search terms. A maximum of 12 thumbnails/titles will be displayed per page, but if there are more than 36 search results, you'll see controls at the bottom right of the screen allowing you to move from one page to the next, or the previous, or even the first or last page of all results:

Once you have found the content you are looking for, click anywhere in the image or title to view the content in it's entirety. This is also where you will license content for use. Click here to find out more about licensing content.