The Content Detail Page

Once you have selected an article while browsing or searching, you can open the article's detail view by clicking the thumbnail image or title.

Engage Content then displays the article Title, Thumbnail image, Summary, and the Body of the article, as well as the Engage Content article ID# and the date the article was added to the Content library.


Publishing Content (And Unpublishing)

From the Content Detail page, you can choose to publish an article to your Questline-hosted site.  Engage will ask you to choose an article page template, and then to verify that you want to publish the article.

Once the article has been published, the web address (URL) of the published article will be displayed in the Detail View.

Alternately, if you've already published an article from Engage Content to your site, you can un-publish it from the Content Detail page. This removes it from your site immediately.

Sharing Published Content

Once you've published an article to your site, you can share it via copying and pasting the URL into an email, or with Share Content function from Engage Content.

The Share Content function allows you to post a message directly from Engage Content to your company's Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. When you choose one of these options, a window will open for you to log in to the account. After that, a post will be automatically populated with "social media teaser" text from the Article. You can modify the post as needed before actually posting it.


Download Content

You can download the content of any article from the Content Detail page. The download will include the full HTML of the article, without the images.