This guide contains conceptual and procedural information that will prepare you to use Questline’s Welcome Series product to send emails to your customers and provide new customer data through the Engage API. It discusses the required account setup steps, walks through a typical API scenario, and provides contacts in case of questions or issues. Detailed information on the Engage API can be found at

What is a Welcome Series?

A Welcome Series is a set of emails sent to new customers, or to customers added to a new service, product, or account. They can help introduce new customers to a brand or service. Questline’s Engage Welcome Series product uses Automated Campaignss as its infrastructure for sending emails without manual intervention.

What is an Automated Campaign? What are Triggered Emails?

An Engage Automated Campaign (formerly 'automated program') is a pre-defined set of automated actions or steps that can be triggered and performed on a particular subscriber. The actions are triggered simply by adding subscribers to the campaign. Automated Campaigns can be used for the most basic of tasks, such as triggering an email to a subscriber as well as more complex marketing automation tasks. In this guide, we will only discuss the basic functionality of Automated Campaigns necessary for Welcome Series.

Questline’s Welcome Series product provides for easy setup and includes pregenerated content. Different levels of the Welcome Series product provide for different levels of customization. In this document, however, we’ll focus on the technical process for using Welcome Series rather than campaign customization.

Welcome Series Setup

The initial setup of the email content, email from/reply to name and address, and series frequency is handled by Questline based on your company’s need and product level. After all this is set up, you will be tasked with providing new subscribers via API for addition to the Welcome Series.

Once new subscribers are added to your Engage account via the API, the Engage Automated Campaign system automatically begins sending emails to the subscribers as your company has authorized.

Welcome Series Triggered Email Send Process

The following diagram illustrates the process for an email already created via the Engage application. Welcome Series, like all Automated Campaigns, follows this Triggered Email process.


API Credentials and Endpoint Information

Every request to the Engage API requires an API key. For information on API authorization, refer to the API documentation at:

Questline cannot provide credentials, including API Keys, via email or in this document. Please contact your Questline Account Manager or Questline Support using the contact information below to receive a username and password via phone.

Automated Campaign Setup

Automated Campaigns such as Welcome Series must be created by Questline staff, via the Engage application and prior to being triggered via the Engage API. Once a Campaign has been created, details on the campaign, including the required AutomatedCampaignId, can be retrieved using the API via:

 GET v3/automatedcampaigns
 GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}

The first of these gets a list of all Automated Campaigns on your account. The second, when used with the ID of a specific Automated Campaign, gets a list of the steps within the campaign.

Creating Subscribers

After the Welcome Series has been created in Engage, and after you have retrieved the series’ AutomatedCampaignId via the API, you can begin to add new subscribers to your account. Once Subscribers are created in Engage, you can then add them to a Welcome Series.

Add subscribers to Engage by using the following endpoint:

POST v3/subscribers

This endpoint allows for the inclusion of strings to create subscriber values such as the Subscriber Key, email address, SMS or fax numbers, first name, last name, and attributes.

Add a Subscriber to a Welcome Series

Once a subscriber exists in the system, they can be added to the Welcome Series’ pre-defined Automated Campaign. Adding a subscriber to the Automated Campaign will trigger the first automation step in that campaign. To add a subscriber to an Automated Campaign, use the following:  

POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/automatedcampaigns

In the Body of the request, place the proper AutomatedCampaignID. Once you’ve added a subscriber to your Welcome Series, Engage will automatically send them their first email in the Series.

Account and Contact Information

If you encounter errors or issues with your company’s Welcome Series, contact your Questline Account Manager or Questline Support.

For Questline Support, enter a ticket from the "New Support Ticket" link at