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Modified on: Thu, 29 Nov, 2018 at 12:38 AM

  • Annual Email Engagement Overview added to Standard Campaign reporting, showing summary of customer reach by that campaign over the last 12 months.


  • None.


  • Automated Campaign name and Step name now included in Scheduled Event exports for Automated Campaigns.
  • All SMS numbers stored in the system must now be in standard all-digit format (##########) to ensure appropriate matching to existing subscribers and processing of Unsubscribe requests.
  • Additional onscreen error messages created to notify users of invalid SMS number format upon entering into SMS fields in Subscriber Details screen and Default Preference Center.
  • When importing a list of subscribers, Subscribers with improperly formatted SMS numbers will be put through a clean-up attempt stripping out non-numeric characters. If the remaining number string is 10 digits long, the subscriber will be imported with  the remaining numbers as the SMS. If the string is not 10 digits long, the subscriber line will be rejected and added to the import error report. 
  • The Compare Sends function, when used from within the Standard Campaign Overview screen, will restrict the list of available Sends to the current Campaign's sends.
  • Minor text change to Dashboard description of comparison metrics to those of similar utilities.
  • Text correction to modal screen notifying users that they may not delete an Automated Campaign referenced in a second Automated Campaign.
  • Users are now prevented from deleting campaigns with sends already scheduled for the future.

  • Fix to prevent possible data access via malformed URLs.
  • Global unsubscribe link from Automated Campaign Dynamic Preview tests now displays Unsubscribe test confirmation message without opting out the subscriber.       
  • Global unsubscribe link from Dynamic Preview Automated Campaign test emails now displays the proper Unsubscribe preference center.
  • Dynamic Preview screen is now locked down once a Campaign Send has been sent.
  • User can no longer reach the Campaign Type editing screen for an existing Automated Campaign in Active status via direct URL.
  • User can no longer reach the Customize Content screen for an existing Automated Campaign in Active status via direct URL.
  • Date Range can now be set in Content Reporting Article Detail reports properly.
  • Minor typo fixed in Automated Campaign Select Message wizard.

API Changes - See API documentation for more detail. Many API v2 endpoints for Automated Programs, Campaigns, and Subscribers have been removed and replaced with updated versions for V3, as detailed below.  

  • Added cache invalidation to v3 DELETE, PUT, and POST endpoints.  
  • All versions of API: GET for Automated Campaign step calls will return only active steps.
  • API v2/v3: GET List endpoints now return only active lists.
  • API v3: Textual change to error message when adding a subscriber to an inactive subscription.
  • API v3: SubscriberCount Property removed from the endpoints GET v3/standardcampaigns and GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignID}.
  • API v3: GET v3/standardcampaigns/{campaignId}?expand=sends now returns proper values for StandardCampaignId and Status.
  • New v3 Endpoints for Automated Campaigns:
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns.
      Gets a list of Automated Campaigns.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}
      Gets an Automated Campaign.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/events
      Gets a list of events for an Automated Campaign.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/report
      Gets an Automated Campaign report.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/steps
      Gets a list of steps for an Automated Campaign report.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/steps/{automatedCampaignStepId}
      Gets an Automated Campaign step.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/steps/{automatedCampaignStepId}/events
      Gets a list of events for an an Automated Campaign step.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}/steps/{automatedCampaignStepId}/report
      Gets an Automated Campaign step report.
    • GET v3/automatedcampaigns/statuses
      Gets a list of Automated Campaign statuses.
  • New v3 Endpoints for Standard Campaigns:
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns
      Gets a list of Standard Campaigns.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}
      Gets a Standard Campaign.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/events
      Gets a list of events for a Standard Campaign.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/report
      Gets a Standard Campaign report.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/sends
      Gets a list of campaign sends for Standard Campaign.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/sends/{standardCampaignSendId}
      Gets a campaign send for a Standard Campaign.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/sends/{standardCampaignSendId}/events
      Gets a list of events for a Standard Campaign.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/sends/{standardCampaignSendId}/report
      Gets a Standard Campaign send report.
    • GET v3/standardcampaigns/{standardCampaignId}/sends/{standardCampaignSendId}/report/advanced
      Gets a Standard Campaign send advanced report.

  • New v3 Endpoint for Events:
    • GET v3/events/types
      Gets a list of event types.

  • New v3 Endpoints for Lists:
    • DELETE v3/lists/{listId}
      Deletes a list.
    • DELETE v3/lists/{listId}/subscribers/{subscriberId}
      Removes a subscriber from a list.
    • GET v3/lists
      Gets a list of Lists.
    • GET v3/lists/{listId}
      Gets a List.
    • GET v3/lists/{listId}/subscribers
      Gets a list of list subscribers; relationships between a list and subscribers.
    • GET v3/lists/{listId}/subscribers/{subscriberId}
      Gets a list subscriber; a relationship between a list and a subscriber
    • POST v3/lists
      Creates a new List.
    • POST v3/lists/{listId}/subscribers
      Adds a subscriber to a List.
    • PUT v3/lists/{listId}
      Updates an existing list.

  • New v3 Endpoints for Subscribers:
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/automatedcampaigns/{automatedCampaignId}
      Removes a subscriber from an Automated Campaign.
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/email/{subscriptionId}
      Removes a subscriber from an email subscription.
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/fax/{subscriptionId}
      Removes a subscriber from a fax subscription.
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/sms/{subscriptionId}
      Removes a subscriber from an SMS subscription.
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/email/{subscriberId}
      Removes a subscriber from receiving emails. 
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/fax/{subscriberId}
      Removes a subscriber from receiving faxes.
    • DELETE v3/subscribers/sms/{subscriberId}
      Removes a subscriber from receiving SMS messages.
    • GET v3/subscribers
      Gets a list of subscribers.
    • GET v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}
      Gets a subscriber.
    • GET v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/events
      Gets a list of events for a subscriber.
    • POST v3/subscribers
      Creates a new subscriber.
    • POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/automatedcampaigns
      Adds a subscriber to an Automated Campaign. 
    • POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/email
      Adds a subscriber to an email subscription.
    • POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/fax
      Adds a subscriber to an fax subscription.
    • POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/subscriptions/sms
      Adds a subscriber to an SMS subscription.
    • POST v3/subscribers/email
      Adds a subscriber to receive emails.
    • POST v3/subscribers/fax
      Adds a subscriber to receive faxes.
    • POST v3/subscribers/sms
      Adds a subscriber to receive SMS messages.
    • PUT v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/activate
      Activates a subscriber.
    • PUT v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/deactivate
      Deactivates a subscriber.
    • PUT v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}
      Updates an existing subscriber. Requires all fields in the request body to be sent; fields not sent in the request body will be cleared out.

  • New v3 Endpoints for Subscriptions:
    • GET v3/subscriptions
      Gets a list of subscriptions.
    • GET v3/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}
      Gets a subscription.

  • New v3 Endpoints for Unsubscribes:
    • POST v3/unsubscribe/automatedcampaign
      Performs an Automated Campaign unsubscribe for an event.
    • POST v3/unsubscribe/channel
      Performs a channel unsubscribe for an event.
    • POST v3/unsubscribe/subscriptions
      Performs a subscriptions unsubscribe for an event.

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