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Modified on: Thu, 29 Nov, 2018 at 12:33 AM

Consolidated User Interface

  • Engage Messaging, Automation, Sites, and Content applications have been merged into a unified user interface. All applications are now integrated into a single application and available on the main navigation. Existing functionality of all applications has been maintained.
  • The consolidated UI includes a new Engage dashboard that will combine Account Performance, Trending, and Popularity data for communications and published content, dependent on features available on your account. 
  • Messaging Campaigns and Automated Programs have been merged into Campaigns. Messaging campaigns are now Standard Campaigns, and Automated Programs are now Automated Campaigns. All functionality of these Campaign types has been maintained from their original applications. Campaign type can be selected when creating a new Campaign, if both Standard and Automated Campaign features are available on your account.
  • Subscribers, Lists, and Segmentation functions have been merged into Lists & Subscribers tab with subtabs for each of the three functions.


  • When creating a new Email Message, users can choose between Standard Templates, User-Created Templates, and Pre-Populated Templates already set with editable default content (if available on your account).
  • Event detail reporting for Standard Campaigns now allows users to filter by date. For example, when viewing a list of subscribers who opened any email in a campaign, you can now filter that report to a specific date range for viewing or export.


  • Links to deprecated legacy Engage Sites application have been removed.


  • Content libraries have been renamed for clarity. Libraries are now: Electric Business, Electric Residential, Natural Gas Business, and Natural Gas Residential.
  • Email subject lines now allow Unicode characters and Unicode-based emoji.
  • Scheduled job failures will now send notification emails to both the user who created the job and the user who last modified the job.
  • Subscriber import error logs will now include the email addresses being rejected in the import as well as the import file line number of the invalid address.
  • Improvements to SMS transmission.
  • User Security Roles have been modified to allow more granular and discrete levels of access to Engage functions within the new consolidated UI. Existing users have been moved to new Roles to approximate previous access levels.


  • Adjustment to the editor and toolbar within Sites/Content page editor to ensure toolbar visibility regardless of editing area size.
  • Modification to email dispatching processes to prevent occasional SSL errors.
  • Email sends will no longer fail if attempting to send a batch of zero subscribers.
  • Filtering Campaign Sends within a Standard Campaign by Channel or Status no longer removes Campaign Name display and link breadcrumb.
  • FTP Profiles list can now be searched properly.
  • SMS and Fax test send windows now properly format entered phone numbers into (###) ###-#### format.
  • Users can now view SMS content or download Faxes from send reporting even if the Content was deleted from the account's Messages after the Campaign Send was sent.
  • If SMS or Fax content is attached to a Campaign Send, and the Campaign Send is still in Draft status, and the SMS or Fax content is subsequently deleted, the content can still be sent on that Campaign Send without error. 
  • Drilldown results display fix to remove erroneous extra copy of a single result.
  • Email Test Send modals now properly fail test sends for invalid email addresses (malformed address syntax).
  • Bounce messages will again be properly captured, recorded, and displayed on Bounce reports.

API Changes

  • API will no longer allow for creation of duplicate subscribers with the same Key. API will check for uniqueness of Key upon import.

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