• Subject lines can now take advantage of emojis and other UTF-8 characters.
  • Click Activity Reports (Total or Unique Clicks) now allow the user to drill down to an exportable list of the subscribers who have clicked.
  • Campaign Rollup/Aggregate numbers for Campaign Metrics (Total Send, Delivered, Total Opens, Unique Opens, Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, Opt Outs, Spam Complaints, Total Bounces, Block Bounces, Hard Bounces, SMS Sent, SMS Delivered, SMS Failed, SMS Opt Outs, Fax Sent, Fax Delivered, and Fax Failed) now allow click to drill down into detail reports, as with the Campaign Send metrics.
  • Dynamic Text values usable in Subject Lines which can utilize customer data to create more personalized sends.
  • When a Content article is selected to publish to a Sites instance, if the Sites instance has multiple available templates, the user is prompted to select which template to publish with.
  • Subscriber imports, API, and Sites will now scrub incoming subscriber emails to remove or disallow improperly formatted addresses and addresses with invalid characters to reduce this data generating unwanted bounce responses.
  • Invalid characters are removed from Content Article names when articles are published to Sites.


  • Select Type dropdown, no longer used, has been removed from Sender Profile creation screen.
  • Time Stamp removed from exported report file names and Download Center asset names.


  • If the Compare Sends function is used while in the reporting on a Campaign Send, then the function will limit the available Sends to compare to the current Send and any others within the same campaign.
  • Sites Templates pages can no longer be deleted if they are actively being used on published content.


  • Fix to Reply To Name not displaying on sent emails when received.
  • URL Slug for Sites pages can be reused across different pages, as long as they have different URLs.
  • Published Content pages that have been assigned parents now have their URLs properly updated in Sites and Content both.
  • New Sites instances now have the correct Article - Base template content.
  • Sites Page Names now properly allow parenthesis, periods, and ampersands.
  • Fix to scheduled job timer to prevent an individual job running multiple times in a single minute due to clock discrepancies. 
  • Stability improvement to the process of attaching Subscribers to Lists upon import.
  • Test Sends of emails from Content editing screens now always require that content be saved before sending test email, to prevent errors caused by lack of saved plain text copy.

API Changes

  • API v1 and v2 will now enforce valid email addresses when creating or modifying a subscriber. Improperly formatted emails will cause an InvalidEmailException error to be returned.
  • API v1 and v2 GET endpoints for subscribers now allow filters for attributeName and attributeValue to retrieve subscribers by attribute names and values.