From lists to segments

Questline is changing the way we manage subscriber Lists by making it easier to reuse existing subscribers without having to upload a new List for each Campaign.  Disassociating Lists from Campaigns will allow for an easier re-use of subscriber data for each campaign.  It also allows for additional ease in sending to multiple audiences or lists of subscribers across multiple sends within one campaign. 

Functionally and visually, the primary difference is going to be that users won't upload a list to a 'Campaign' - they will upload subscriber data to a List, and then attach a list or a segment to each send. Clients can re-use lists without having to download them and re-upload them, as would happen if they re-used the membership of a Campaign in the past.



First list use:
upload list -> attach to campaign

Reuse of list:
download list from previous campaign -> create new campaign -> upload list to new campaign


First list use:
Upload list -> When creating campaign send, choose List or Segment to attach

Reuse of list:
When creating campaign send, choose List or Segment to attach


Amending lists:

Users will be able to add additional subscribers to existing lists, update the data of subscribers in lists, or replace the membership of a list with other subscribers.