• Subscriber Lists – users can now import Subscribers to a stored List for attachment to Campaign Sends. Lists allow for use and re-use of static sets of Subscribers across multiple campaigns and sends.
  • From the new Lists area, users can add/import, remove, edit membership of, or delete Lists of subscribers. Note: Deleting a list does not delete the subscriber from the overall account Subscriber pool. The List area is restricted to Marketing Coordinator, Data Manager, or Admin access users. Users can download/export the membership of a List to a tab-delimited file, available in the Download Center.


  • Subscriber sets are no longer uploaded to, and attached to, a Campaign. Uploading and mapping subscribers has been removed from the Campaign wizard.
  • Users can still upload Subscriber lists from the Subscriber tab, but the function to attach to Campaigns or Programs is now attachment to Lists or Programs.
  • Subscriber membership total display and Subscriber download functions have been removed from the Campaign List view.
  • Modify List functions are removed from the Campaign and Campaign Send wizard. User must instead modify the List in the appropriate area of Engage.
  • View of Campaign affiliation from an individual Subscriber record has been removed.
  • Segments can no longer be based on Campaign Affiliation.


  • The Campaign Send wizard now requires that the user select a List or a Segment for Send audience.
  • The name of the attached List or Segment will display on the Campaign Send Summary reporting page.
  • Existing sets of active Subscribers attached to Campaigns have been saved as new Lists, each named after the Campaign they were taken from. Users can now manage these created lists to determine which to keep and which to delete.
  • Any active Campaigns within a client Account which share a name have had any ‘duplicate’ names slightly modified. No two Campaigns in an account will now have the same name. Note: Creation of new duplicate name Campaigns was already disabled in a previous release.
  • All existing draft or scheduled sends created to send to all subscribers on a Campaign have been converted to send to the new List containing those same subscribers.
  • Segments can now be based on List affiliation instead of Campaign affiliation.
  • Existing Segments calling Campaign Affiliation have been modified to instead look for List Affiliation, and are attached to the List created from the Campaign during this release.
  • Users can no longer schedule data imports or exports to or from Campaigns, but can instead schedule imports/exports to/from Lists. Existing subscriber data imports and exports to and from Campaigns have been modified to import to or from the appropriate Static Lists instead.
  • Campaign Send Reports will now show the Time/Date sent, Number of Subscribers sent to, Campaign Name, and List or Segment name.
  • The detail view for a Subscriber will now allow viewing of the Lists the Subscriber belongs to, rather than Campaigns. Users will be able to add Subscribers to existing Lists from the Lists view in the Subscriber detail.
  • Added campaign send name to .txt file names for reporting event exports when downloaded.
  • Default Campaign Sort on Campaigns View now puts new campaigns with no sends at the top of the list, ahead of campaigns with recent sends (chronologically descending).


  • Notification emails for segment downloads now properly show Segment Name.
  • Account switching by URL in Automated Program wizard now returns user to default Dashboard from user’s last accessed account.
  • Sort order for Date Added on Content / Discover page set to display newest content first.
  • Fix to proper page display behavior when accessing Engage Content from an account without proper security authorization.
  • Campaign Reporting Email Delivery Rate fixed to use delivery rate of only email channel, not all channels on send.

API Changes

  • API version 2 now available. Details will be available at following the release. API v2 includes new endpoints compatible with Lists functionality and endpoints to retrieve Campaign Send reporting data.
  • CampaignID and CampaignSendID removed from API v2 responses for AutomatedProgramID and AutomatedProgramStepID calls.
  • AutomatedProgramID and AutomatedProgramStepID removed from API v2 responses for CampaignID and CampaignSendID calls.
  • The following Endpoints have been removed from API in API v2:
    • GET campaigns/{campaignId}/subscribers/{subscriberId}
    • GET campaigns/{campaignId}/subscribers
    • DELETE subscribers/{subscriberId}/campaigns/{campaignId}
  • POST subscribers/{subscriberId}/campaigns
  • API v2 merges ErrorID and ErrorMessage properties into Error object.
  • Subscriber properties are now included as part of Subscriber object in POST and PUT API v2 calls.
  • EventID property renamed EventGUID in API v2 POST responses.