• Campaign name now displays at the top of the Campaign Sends list page
  • Added support for HEAD section in Sites pages
  • Added support for updating a Subscriber record via API from a page in Sites
  • Added support for Parent/Child page relationships in Sites
  • A fully qualified page link now displays on the Sites edit page screen
  • Added support for Bootstrap framework version override for Sites pages
  • Added Subscriber column to Scheduled Event exports that contains the email address, SMS number, or fax number associated with the event
  • Subscriber Key column added to the Subscribers list view


  • Improved the efficiency of aggregate stat updates


  • Adjusted Sites template list default sort order to A to Z
  • Copying a Site page created from a template now uses the WYSIWYG editor
  • Campaign dropdown for a Subscriber Export now available from applications other than Messaging
  • Paging in the Download Center now displays the correct results for subsequent pages
  • Users can now create templates and pages with the same resulting page slug
  • Users with only an Automation instance can import subscribers
  • After a first save of a new Sites template or page, the url is populated with the correct id
  • Campaigns and Programs now enforce unique names again
  • Altered email dynamic scripting if statement processing so that any attribute value not found for a specific subscriber will default to a blank string for evaluation purposes
  • Fixed the Last Sent date on Automated Programs reporting to update with the last sent event
  • Fixed issue where cancelled date filters in Automated Program reporting would still carry through to other levels of reporting
  • The dynamic send wizard will now show and send with dynamic values if selected
  • Fixed the Click Map link from the Email Engagement and Email Clients pages in Messaging reporting