This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • Default image added for display of files without image previews in File Uploader.
  • Addition of warning message when overwriting membership of a campaign from the Campaign Wizard.
  • Modify List button now available for new campaigns that do not yet contain a Campaign Send.


  • (none in this release)


  • Special characters other than periods, dashes, underscores, ampersands, and parentheses are now invalid for names of Campaigns, Campaign Sends, Programs, Program Step Names, and Segment Names. This is in addition to the normal allowance of upper and lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Automated Program email test send dialogue is now consistent with the Messaging email test send feature.
  • Increased readability of Reset Password “Try Again” link.
  • Established consistent use of “opt-out” over “opt out” to define events.
  • Revisions to Browser Titles for Reporting tabs in both Automation and Messaging for consistency between applications.
  • Revisions to Browser Titles for Campaign Wizard tabs in Messaging for consistency across Messaging application.
  • Revisions to Event Export file creation process for consistency with Subscriber Export file creation process.
  • Graphical standardization for IE8 and IE9 invalid URL pages.
  • Event Exports set to Run Once are now defaulted to a timeframe beginning one week back and ending on the current day.
  • Dispatcher service merged into standard Tasks service for improved monitoring and scaling.
  • Security extended to protect import files from direct random GUID access.
  • Users are prevented from deleting Automated Programs that are referenced in Add Program steps from other Automated Programs.
  • Redirect to last instance upon login to Engage will now skip over inactive instances and return user to default. 


  • Corrected total and paging numbers on Campaign Send Report data when filtered to a search within the report data.
  • Drilldown report exports now properly export only filtered list if the user has filtered by a search within the report data.
  • Fixed a typo within the Automated Program Send Email Step header.
  • Fixed email content, automated message, and Sites page breadcrumbs to differentiate existing records from new ones.
  • Visual cleanup for UI on search pages with no results.
  • Wait step modals for error messages are cleared after closed and reopened.
  • Recurring event export jobs now properly export most recent duration on repeated cycles.
  • Send Wizard “Send Now” buttons in stale open browser tabs/windows no longer appear to allow resend of sent emails.
  • Sites page UI corrections involving ‘page busy’ blocking elements.
  • Sites pages created from templates can now properly be reverted to draft/unpublished.
  • File Uploads now properly accept valid file types with extensions in all caps.
  • Click Activity No Result screen now has proper Campaign and Send Name breadcrumbs.