This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • A new internal security role has been added to provide Questline Account Managers with additional abilities to assist clients with Messaging and Automation.
  • Automated Programs can now include a step to add subscribers to another Automated Program.
  • Questline Privacy Policy link now displays on Engage login screens.


  • Forward and back slashes are no longer allowed in Segment names to prevent export/download errors. The slashes would be assumed to be file system directory notations, causing exports/downloads to fail.
  • TIF format is no longer an allowed file format type for Email Image uploads.
  • An unused Campaign.Description data column has been removed. 


  • Sender Profile creation screen will now recognize both Questline Shared Marketing and Questline Share Transactional sending domains as valid.
  • Bounce Drilldown reports will now filter to Hard Bounces or Block Bounces when opened from links specific to a Bounce Type.
  • Questline’s street address has been updated in notification emails to reflect our new office location.
  • Email Notifications for job errors and failures now display Error Log ID to simplify Questline Support assistance.
  • Users can now backdate the First Run date/time for Scheduled Jobs. Users will be warned that running a backdated job will start the job immediately.
  • Email asset/image/HTML code uploads are now limited to 4MB.
  • Fax content uploads are now limited to 5MB.
  • Dropzone uploader used for creating new email and template content (other than creating new emails from existing templates) now allows .doc, .docx, and .pdf files.
  • Kendo uploader used for creating emails, emails templates, and faxes when Dropzone uploader is unsupported better restricts file upload types to valid content types based on case.
  • New steps added to an Automated Program workflow will automatically add the step number to the Step Name.
  • First Run field on Scheduled Imports and Exports is now editable at any time before the job is actually first run, whether the Job is saved or not. This field was previously locked after the Job record was saved.


  • Automated Programs with 24+ day Wait Steps counted in days no longer cause an error preventing the program from running properly.
  • Fix put in place to prevent Automated Program reports displaying invalid data if user switches from one Program Report to another while a date filter is active.
  • Security fix added to prevent potential accidental Messaging access from Automation accounts.
  • Plain Text versions of emails are now generated only when the user manually saves the email record, not at auto-save when email record is first created.
  • Email Preview and Test Send functions are no longer available before user manually saves email record.
  • Tools in the WYSIWYG email editor now properly clear entered data when closed.
  • Modal windows when working with Subscriber records will now properly clear entered data when closed.
  • Subscription choice function on Preference Centers now prevents the user from selecting a Subscription they already have.
  • Automation Messages and Saved Templates lists will now properly reverse Date Modified sort on first click.
  • Header label for Compare Sends reports now labels Click To Open Rate with correct term.
  • Email addresses using ‘plus addressing’ are now supported within Test Sends.