This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • Subscriptions attached to a Campaign are now visible on the summary screen of the Campaign Send wizard.
  • Users may now dynamically preview an email (including sending a test email) as either a subscriber attached to the campaign or a member of the segment attached to the campaign, if one is assigned.
  • New Automated Program step type: add attributes and attribute values to subscriber records.
  • Subscriber imports now support zip format (file within archive must be previously acceptable format, ZIP file cannot be password protected).
  • Added ability to remove Attribute/value pairs from an individual subscriber, on the Subscriber screen.
  • Delivery Rate is now displayed at the Automated Program level and also at the level of Sends within Programs.


  • Deprecated Dynamic Content Tag “Message.isTest” removed from Dynamic Content selection dropdowns in Email Content and Template screens.
  • Users can no longer change Attribute names at a Subscriber level. Users can edit the values of existing Attributes at the Subscriber level, but not change an individual Attribute name. 


  • Automated Program metrics will now count Unique Opens and Unique Clicks individually for each time a subscriber passes through a Multipass Program.
  • Modified Import Mapping screen to clarify that import process begins immediately. Addition of “import in progress” alert after Mapping screen.
  • Improvements to layout of Click Map and Campaign Send Report PDF export to improve printing and eliminate unnecessary page breaks.
  • Campaign Sends list within a Campaign now default to sorting by date modified, descending.
  • Visual formatting changes for export notification banners.
  • Minor text/label changes in report export emails.
  • Modified Date column replaced with Send Date column in Compare Sends screen.
  • Content modified date no longer changed when a send using that content record is scheduled or sent, only when the content record itself is modified.
  • Email Template thumbnails will now regenerate automatically if images are overwritten.
  • Confirmation dialog box added to process for cancelling a scheduled send.
  • “No Results Found” message added to unsuccessful subscriber data searches that return no results.
  • Subscription names are now limited to 50 characters.
  • Automated Program and Campaign names must now be unique.
  • Reporting metrics are no longer rounded for ease of display.
  • Date Range Filter no longer removes Report Type from URL.
  • Campaign Send Report Print view now includes sent date, campaign name, and total messages sent.
  • Adjusted labeling of email test send and preview buttons for clarity.


  • Opt Out total in reporting will show number of unique Opt Outs on a Program or Campaign; drilldown report will show all opt out clicks, including possible multiple clicks from an individual subscriber.
  • Attributes can now be mapped when there are spaces in the Attribute Name.
  • Email addresses/SMS numbers/fax numbers in drilldown reports will again be links to the subscriber record.
  • Email Content Plain Text for emails from template is generated when user first saves content entered into template, not upon selection of template.
  • Scheduled import jobs will no longer crash if tied to a deleted program or campaign. Imports will ignore inactive campaigns or programs.
  • Failed and then edited scheduled jobs’ Next Run timestamp is now properly recalculated from the original start date and time.
  • Corrected display of API Documentation icons.
  • Compare Sends screen now properly refreshes after searches.
  • Most Recent Send link on Dashboard now again properly points to most recent send.
  • Breadcrumb text fix on Sender Profile editing screen.