Questline's team can work with a variety of file formats and data for your subscriber import files. Below are requirements and best practice tips for creating those files.

Import File Requirements


When you create a file of subscriber data to be imported in to RelationshipBuilder, you must save it in one of the following file formats.

  • Text (tab-delimited) 
  • CSV (comma-delimited) 
  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
  • Excel 97-2003 Workbook (.xls)

Header row:

A header row is required for mapping purposes. Include clear headers such as "first name", "last name", and "email" to ensure your data is imported properly.

Tips for a successful import

  • Delete any columns in the file that are not being used in the import. Reducing the amount of extra data that is imported and processed will greatly improve the speed of your imports and reduce the likelihood of import errors.
  • If in doubt, save your file in tab-delimited text format. Commas and other special characters in your customer data can cause parsing errors and import failures. The tab-delimited text format is the least likely to cause these import errors.
  • Remove duplicate rows. Remove duplicate email addresses from your import file to cut down on time and complexity of the imports. If an email address exists multiple times within a file with different attribute data associated, attribute values from the last row in the file for that email will be retained.