Q: Why new templates? 
A. Our clients deserve the best! We have upgraded the RelationshipBuilder newsletter templates to follow the latest email best practices. Highlights include:

  • Mobile responsive—the layout will automatically adjust if the user is on a supported desktop or mobile device. 
  • Modern design with larger images—research shows that larger, visually-compelling images improve readability and increase digital content engagement. 
  • Hero articles—designs featuring a prominent article to help readers quickly scan the page for a streamlined viewing experience. 
  • Universal appearance across email clients—ensuring full functionality from the implementation of proven code concepts, including multiple layers of HTML and CSS parameters. 
  • Three template families—select the best fit for your unique business needs. 

Q: Will we be charged extra for switching templates? 
A. No. There are no additional charges for this template upgrade. These templates are included as part of your existing Questline contract.

Q: What are my template options?
A. There are three template families: Illuminate, Connect and Amplify. Each series includes options to incorporate a logo, banner or buttons. You can preview how your newsletter will look in each template in your admin portal! Here’s how:

  • Log in to your admin portal.
  • Click the “Review Newsletters” icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Click the View this Issue in Other Templates
  • You’ll see the new template list appear a drop down menu. Have fun exploring! 

Q: What template should I choose?
A. All of the new templates abide by best practices, so your best bet is to select the design you feel fits your audience. Try a new template and watch your results. We will be tracking the metrics on our end; if one template family seems to be outperforming the other templates, we will make sure to share that information with you!

Q: Which template is most like my current template?
A. The template that most resembles the current default template is part of the Amplify Series. It is titled “Amplify with your logo and buttons.” You can enjoy a similar look, with the added HTML benefits for better functionality across all email clients, as well as a responsive design for supported mobile and tablet devices. 

Q: How do I change my template?
A. To change your template, contact your current Account Manager. If you are unsure who your Account Manager is, contact Pam Linse at plinse@questline.com or 614.545.6326. She will change the templates in the system for you. It’s quick and simple! 

Q: Do I have to choose a template?
A. You are not required to choose a template in 2015. We encourage you to try the new templates throughout the remainder of this year. Your customers will appreciate the best practice designs; and we think you’ll love the new look!

Q: What happens to my sidebars?
A. The new templates still accommodate sidebars. Any custom sidebars you’ve had created in the past will still work moving forward. We’ve worked hard to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

Q: What is happening with the content library? 
A. We are expanding our content library to include more dynamic, highly-visual assets along with the articles your customers have come to rely upon. We are enhancing graphics and images that appear in newsletters. Research indicates larger, eye-catching images and unique content types help readers more easily consume content online. As we continue expanding our asset library and improve upon our content, be on the lookout for: 

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Photo Essays
  • Interactive Quizzes and more 

Q: Can we make edits to or customize the new types of content? 
A. Yes. New content may be customized, however, additional fees may apply. Contact your Account Manager with specific requests. 

Q: If I usually send company artwork to you to incorporate into our monthly newsletter, is the image size changing? 
A. Yes. The new hero image dimension is 640 x 480 pixels. Smaller, lower-resolution images will pixelate when enlarged to fit the new space. We will check images on our end and let you know if your image doesn’t render properly.

Q: Can I still use old images?
A. It’s possible. We will need to review each image. It is likely the artwork will need to be resized. We may ask you for a larger or higher-resolution version of the artwork. Unless you are using the image again in the future in a new template, images will not need to be changed. 

Q: Can I update my RelationshipBuilder banner or logo across the top of a new template?
A. Yes. If you’d like to create a new banner, your account manager can implement the new artwork into the template of your choosing. The file must be a JPG; width of 650 pixels; with height no greater than 100-120 pixels. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Additionally, if you decide to update your enewsletter banner, you may also want to consider updating or redesigning your article or landing page banner to match the great new look. Landing page graphics must be in JPG format, as well, and specs are 960 x 100-120 pixels.

Q: Can you help me create a new banner? 
A. Absolutely! Simply contact your account manager and we’ll work with you to find a visual design solution that fits your branding requirements.

Q: How often can I change my template? 
A. During the template review process, we encourage you to preview your newsletters in every template family option. Once you’ve selected your favorite, contact your account manager to make the switch. We recommend keeping that selection for a full year to provide visual consistency to your readers.