RelationshipBuilder articles may include video content. If you are having difficulty viewing these videos, the following tips may help.

If video is stuttering or choppy

You may want to let the video “buffer”, or load into memory, as much as possible before playing. You could also try closing other applications or browser windows. 

If you hover your mouse over a video, you can see how much of a video is buffered in the bar at the bottom of the video. The solid colored bar shows how much has already played, and where in the video you currently are. The lighter grey bar is how much of the video yet to be played has been buffered. 

If you’re experiencing choppy or stuttering playback, pause the video and allow it to buffer for a few moments, then start the video again. 

If videos will not play – Browser issues

Videos on Questline articles are delivered via the Vimeo (http://www.vimeo.com) video platform, which uses HTML5 or Flash depending on the browser being used. Verify you have one of the following browsers installed, updated to the appropriate version, and including Flash if required. (If Flash is not stated below for the specific version or browser, the player will display in HTML5 and Flash is not required.)

Firefox (v.21 or later)
Chrome (any version)
Internet Explorer (v.11 or later) – HTML5
Internet Explorer (older) – requires Flash
Opera (any version) – requires Flash

Firefox (any version) – requires Flash
Safari (v.5 or later)
Chrome (any version)
Opera (any version) – requires Flash

Safari (any version)

Android (v.4 or later)
Stock browser (any version)
Chrome (any version)
Firefox (any version)

Windows Phone (v.7.5 or later)
Internet Explorer (v.9 or later)

If videos will not play – Network Issues

If you have a proper browser (with Flash, if required) and still cannot view videos within Questline articles, your network may include a web traffic system or firewall which limits or blocks certain sites.  This may be part of your office’s network set up by your IT department. In such cases, you may be presented with a page telling you the content has been fiiltered or blocked. Or you may be presented with an error message within the video player itself. When this happens, you may need to speak to your IT department and ask them to whitelist (allow) the following internet domains to allow Vimeo videos:


More questions?

For more support, contact Questline support at help.questline.com or by emailing support@questline.com You may also find video display help at https://vimeo.com/help/faq/watching-videos/playback-issues.