Subscriber Status is one of the fields that you can search on and view when working with your customer records. The field controls whether emails will continue to be sent to a particular subscriber. It allows Questline to identify undeliverable or "bad" email addresses. In order to avoid being classified as Spam by ISPs and filtering software, it is very important not to repeatedly send to email addresses that bounce.


The status of each of your customers is displayed in your customer list and in the Detailed Properties for each user. The two key factors in determining a subscriber's status is whether the subscriber has unsubscribed to the newsletter and whether emails sent to the subscriber's email address have bounced.

Each subscriber has one of the following statuses:




A subscriber has a status of Active when no activities have occurred to make the subscriber's status Held, Unsubscribed, or Deleted.

Held (Undeliverable)

A subscriber who hard bounces receives a Held status and will no longer be sent future messages. If you have questions about a customer with a Held status, please contact your Questline Account Manager.


A subscriber who meets any of the following criteria has a status of Unsubscribed:

  • The subscriber has requested to be removed from newsletter distribution or all communications.
  • An administrator manually unsubscribes a customer through the admin portal, thus changing the status to Unsubscribed.
  • The subscriber has submitted a spam complaint via AOL, Yahoo, or another large ISP through which Questline maintains a feedback loop. In this case, the subscriber’s status is changed to Unsubscribed automatically.


A subscriber who meets either of the following criteria has a status of Deleted:

  • A user has been deleted by an administrator via the control console.
  • A user has been deleted by Questline staff via a request from an administrator or via automatic list processing made on behalf of your account.