This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • New functionality added to Engage Automation
    • Added a standard template library to allow for messages creation from locked templates and WYSIWYG editing of content
    • Added account branding options allowing for simple branding and customization of templates including logos, colors, social media links, and CAN-SPAM compliant footers
    • Added the ability to create custom saved templates that take advantage of system branding and WYSIWYG editing functionality
    • Added an image gallery for improved image management and reuse of brand assets
    • Added new automation step type, Wait Until, for more control over timing of automated message delivery
    • Added the ability to sort messages in Engage Automation for ease of use
    • Added the ability to filter automated programs by status
    • Added clickable breadcrumbs for easier navigation
  • Added standard capturing of email audience engagement data such as mobile/desktop platform, email client, and engagement time to all outgoing email –reporting on this data will be available in a future version
  • Added new standard list-unsubscribe headers to all outgoing email for easier unsubscribe from Gmail and other ISPs and to foster improved deliverability
  • When creating a scheduled import of subscriber data, added the ability to map columns to attributes using column ordinal when column headers do not exist
  • New Engage API functionality including endpoints to
    • Retrieve a list of campaigns
    • Retrieve details of a campaign
    • Retrieve a list of automated programs
    • Retrieve details of an automated program
    • Retrieve a list of event types in the system
    • Retrieve a list of events generated from subscribers of an automated program
    • Retrieve a list of events generated from subscribers on an automated program step
    • Retrieve a list of events generated from subscribers of a campaign
    • Retrieve a list of events generated from subscribers sent a specific campaign send
    • Remove a subscriber from an automated program
    • Add a subscriber from an automated program
    • Retrieve a list of events generated by a specific subscriber




  • Improved the responsiveness of Engage Sites by adding advanced content cacheing
  • Updated scheduled imports to verify subscriber import files have not previously been processed prior to importing
  • Updated subscriber events API endpoint to use an enum for all event types for easier consumption of that data
  • Removed account/instance switching when a logged in user has access to only one instance
  • Removed application switching when a logged in user has access to only one application
  • Added checks to ensure subscribers are active to various API endpoints before acting
  • Optimized delivered detail reporting for speed
  • Added validation/warning to the program summary screen of Automation if no message was selected for a send step
  • Adjusted redirects for paged content in Automation when copying to return the user to the first page for easy access of the newly cloned message or program
  • Adjusted saving of plain text email content in Automation to save instantly and not require a second save of the HTML content


  • Corrected an issue causing errors when viewing the detailed activity log of a subscriber in Engage Messaging who was part of an automated program in Engage Automation
  • Corrected issue where an existing port number was not being saved on FTP profile edit
  • Added warning when uploading incorrect file types but specifying .XLS/.XLSX format
  • Corrected an issue where copying a campaign, adding/removing a subscriber on a campaign via the API, or adding a subscriber to a campaign from a subscriber detail view did not properly update the subscriber count on that campaign
  • Corrected an issue where an error could occur when creating a completely new attribute for an account from an individual subscriber record
  • Adjusted redirect inconsistencies and resulting errors when a user has access to both Automation and Messaging
  • Corrected an issue when trying to save a deleted subscriber via a Sites landing page
  • Corrected various IE 8/9/10 compatibility issues
  • Corrected an issue where saving changes to a scheduled import on step 1 would invalidate the previously saved column mapping and require it to be done again
  • Eliminated unhandled error when extra tabs or pipe delimiters are included in text files imported via scheduled import
  • Corrected an issue with first-time users logging in when they have access only to Automation
  • Corrected an issue in Automation when editing locked message content that allowed for insertion of dynamic content in a locked area