This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • Support for expanded subscriber import file formats including CSV, pipe-delimited text, and Excel.
  • New functionality added to Engage Automation
    • Detailed drill-down reporting for Program Overview waiting and completed metrics
    • Detailed drill-down reporting for all Send Email metrics such as opens, clicks, and bounces
    • Reporting download to file functionality for all Send email metrics
    • Click activity reporting and click map reporting
    • Click activity download to file functionality
    • Click map export to PDF functionality
    • Download Center functionality added
    • Implemented security redirection for Automation
    • Implemented user-friendly messages when content does not exist in multiple areas
  • New Engage API functionality including endpoints to
    • Create a new subscriber
    • Update a subscriber
    • Delete a subscriber
    • Globally unsubscribe a subscriber by channel (email, sms, fax)
    • Add a subscriber to an opt out group by channel (email, sms, fax)
    • Remove a subscriber from an opt out group by channel (email, sms, fax)
    • Add a subscriber to a campaign
    • Remove a subscriber from a campaign
    • Add a subscriber to an automated program
  • Engage Sites next generation infrastructure now available




  • Optimized subscriber import process to utilize CDN storage for speed
  • Optimized campaign send statistics aggregate calculation process for speed
  • Removed the waiting column for deleted steps in Automation reporting as the value is always zero
  • Improved button styling in Automation
  • Renamed the "Save Message" button for Automation email content to a more accurate "Save & Exit"
  • Improved back/next navigation for Automation subscriber import wizard
  • Automation subscriber import now requires at least one column be mapped to save an import
  • Optimized send and delivered detail reporting for speed
  • Added additional unique subscriber key enforcement for all accounts


  • Corrected an issue in Engage Automation where Hard Bounces were not being correctly reported in the detail view of Send Email step reporting
  • Modified Automation to no longer send to subscribers deleted from the general subscriber pool
  • Removed deleted subscribers from list of subscribers available for Automation test sends
  • Removed duplicate subscriber opt outs from Opt Out Rate calculations in Messaging when a single subscriber opts out multiple times from the same send
  • Corrected Automation reporting of dates/times to display in the current user's time zone
  • Corrected issues testing fax content from the Campaign Send wizard in Messaging
  • Implemented missing validation in Automation when the user tries to save a Wait step with no wait time set
  • Removed subscribers from the step wait count in Automation reporting if they opt out of the program before completing it
  • Corrected an issue where Email Compare Send functionality in Messaging would fail if a send included the SMS or Fax channels
  • Corrected an issue where spam complaints were not being reported as globally opted out of email in Messaging even though the system would no longer send an email to those subscribers with a complaint event