This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • New functionality added to Engage Automation Internal Release Candidate
    • Program overview reporting
    • Program workflow reporting
    • Send Email step reporting
    • Scheduled program import setup and maintenance
    • Copy Program
  • Added one-click opt out functionality to Preference Centers for Automated Programs and Opt Out Groups
  • Engage API functionality including
    • External authentication, keys, and security handling
    • API caching for GET requests
    • Individual subscriber GET endpoint
    • Subscriber list GET endpoint
    • Global email unsubscribe endpoint for custom external preference centers
    • Automated Program unsubscribe endpoint for custom external preference centers
    • Opt Out Group unsubscribe endpoint for custom external preference centers
  • New "Suppress Duplicates" option added to Engage Messaging Campaign Sending Wizard. By default, the option is enabled and will suppress duplicate emails included in a send due to unique Subscriber Keys. This can be overridden by the user.




  • Email bounce handling across Engage now suppresses all instances of an email within an account if a Hard Bounce is received
  • Significant speed improvements were made to the Subscriber search function


  • Corrected an issue in Engage Messaging reporting click map that caused URL targets to be displayed in the PDF export
  • Corrected a problem in email Dynamic Scripting that caused issues when comparing null or empty attribute values
  • Fixed Engage Messaging dashboard benchmark metrics that were appearing as zero instead of the correct value
  • Corrected an issue where email content was not becoming locked after a send, potentially affecting click map viewing
  • Corrected an issue where Delivered metrics for a send appeared off by one subscriber when a subscriber's email existed twice within the account and that address hard bounced
  • Fixed various advanced UI compatibility issues with older IE8/9 browser versions
  • Corrected issue with Dynamic Content insertion from the WYSIWYG editor within emails created from templates