This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • New functionality added to Engage Automation Internal Release Candidate
    • Message creation, editing, and deletion
    • Start a program
    • Pause a program
    • Resume a program
    • Delete a program
    • Program summary screen and program validation prior to start/resume
    • Ability to allow subscribers to pass through a program multiple times
    • View as Web page functionality for Engage Automation emails
    • Ability to place subscribers into an automated program via script from an Engage Sites landing page
    • Additional support for Marketing CAN-SPAM classification of Engage Automation program email sends




  • Engage automated programs no longer require an automated import data source to start them.
  • Copying an automated program no longer copies deleted steps.
  • Optimized and improved performance of the Engage Messaging Dashboard.
  • Optimized and improved performance of searching for subscribers in Engage Messaging - searching is now a "starts with" search and not a full substring seach.
  • Scheduled imports now allow a file to be imported with no new subscribers and only a column header row. Previously, empty files would cause the import to fail.
  • Adjusted CDN image serving to prevent some versions of Firefox from caching.


  • Corrected an issue in Engage Automation where a failed program could cause all programs to stop processing.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF generation of the Engage Messaging click map would display the full URL of links on the report.
  • Corrected an issue with the Compare Sends report in Engage Messaging that would cause it to error when comparing sends for a deleted campaign.