This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • Added Engage Automation internal Release Candidate core functionality for internal use prior to general availability.
    • View programs list
    • Create and edit a new program via the programs wizard
    • Add, edit, and delete Send Email steps
    • Add, edit, and delete Wait steps




  • Added One-Click Opt-out functionality for Custom Preference Centers hosted on the Engage Sites platform
  • Engage Download Center now expires downloads after 14 days.
  • Marketing Coordinator and Designer roles have been given access to the Opt-Out Group List. 
  • Increased system timeout limit for very large subscriber import tasks.
  • The filename limit in the Download Center has been increased to prevent a rare issue with exporting data for Campaigns with extremely long Campaign Names.


  • Correct an issue in Download Center where files requested by other users of the same instance were available for download.
  • Send dates on the Campaign Summary page now show the correct date of send for copied campaign sends.
  • Fixed a spelling error for “Spam Complaints" on the compare send report.
  • Dynamic personalization and other scripting will now render in the Test Send preview window as expected.
  • Fixed issues with occasional failure of exports.
  • Corrected issue editing email content based on templates.