This page documents all the new features, enhancements and visible changes included in this release of Engage. For information about the changes included in any other specific version of Engage, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of Engage's features, please refer to the appropriate resources.


  • Added new private and transactional mailstream capabilities.


  • Removed the ability to mark an entire send as a test in step one of the send wizard. Users are still able to send “one off” test messages from within the Send Wizard and Email Content Creation screens.


  • Data import and export jobs will now email the user who created the job if that job fails to complete.
  • The default sort order for campaign sends both in Campaigns and Reporting is now date modified, from newest to oldest.
  • The inactivity timeout for Engage has been extended to 2 hours.
  • The Compare Sends Report will now allow a maximum of 20 Campaign Sends in one comparison.
  • Engage dynamic content syntax has been amended to allow underscores and dashes in attribute names, and to support special characters (with the exception of double quotes) in attribute values.
  • Preference Center now supports HTML formatting within the Welcome Text display field.
  • Optimizations have been made to the calculation of specific Campaign Send reporting metrics.


  • The Engage Dashboard has been updated to properly display or hide recent drafts/sends based on users’ account roles and whether that role has access to actually edit the send.
  • The One Click Opt Out link in “test” emails has been fixed to allow email link testing without actually opting out the recipient.
  • Subscriber Exports of an Opt Out Group will once again show the date column, representing the date a subscriber opted out of (joined) the Opt Out Group.
  • An intermittent issue when using the ZIP feature of event and subscriber exports has been corrected.
  • A reported server error when rendering versions of ‘View as Web Page’ has been corrected.
  • The detailed “drilldown” reports of campaign send metrics will no longer include duplicate results, and the occasional report error preventing metrics report drilldowns from completing has been eliminated.
  • The drilldown report for Spam Reports on a Campaign Send has been corrected and will now properly display and export.
  • The Compare Sends Report has been modified with the following fixes:
    • The Total Opens and Unique Clicks columns have been restored,
    • The Sent column will once again show the timestamp of the send, and
    • The report now properly displays special characters/punctuation from the subject line of sent emails.
  • Assets uploaded to an email content record with the same name as existing assets on that record will now properly overwrite the original in the Engage CDN rather than creating two unique entries with the same filename.
  • Missing implied open events have been restored for campaign sends deployed in the last month.
  • Campaign Summary metrics for email drilldown numbers have been corrected to fix a display error for Total Sent.
  • A scheduling error in setting up data exports to run on a weekly basis has been corrected. These were defaulting back to a daily run after the initial export.
  • Job failures due to incorrect FTP credentials will now report their failure using a user-friendly message.
  • The Engage login process has been updated to place a user back into the last properly authorized location within Engage after a password reset.
  • The campaign name now persists on screen following a page refresh of the Campaign Summary screen.
  • The print report for Campaign Sends now displays the correct number for Spam Complaints.
  • The Engage Metrics Dashboard display of Emails Delivered, SMS Delivered, and Fax Delivered now displays correct totals for all instances.